Version History

GetSocial v1.05
-Direct connection to Yahoo Buzz
-Fixed https support
-Minor code tweaks

GetSocial v1.04
-Add to Yahoo Buzz
-3rd Pary functionality
-Technorati update (thanks anonymous!)
-All links are now marked with rel=”nofollow”
-Icon order standardization
-Code tweaks, executable is now 11.5% smaller

GetSocial v1.03
-Add to Twitter
-Character limit handling
-Permalink verification
-Automatic permalink error correction
-Support for CSS effects
-Text links
-Better support for Firefox and Google Chrome
-Code and image optimization

GetSocial v1.02
-Fixed a duplicate style tag issue (thanks Jennifer!)
-Enabled manual alignment code
-Done some code tweaks
-Added localization support

GetSocial v1.01
-Fixed the image framing/spacing issues that affected some themes.

GetSocial v1.00
-Original release (there were no public beta versions).

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