AdGoals is your ad-clicks money at work! You may have noticed that GetSocial Live features text ads (via Google AdSense). Whenever you click on one of those ads the GetSocial team (that’s me, mostly) receives a few cents.

AdGoals will let you know how much pocket-money is being collected, and for what purpose it is being used. Whenever you visit GetSocial Live, you can now check our progress towards the current goal through the (cleverly CSS based) AdGoals widget.

All ad revenue gathered from GetSocial Live will be exclusively devoted to AdGoals, and the widget indicator is updated daily.

Oh, and a HUGE thanks for your support! :)

Current Goal:

Fundraiser: Beit Issie Shapiro ($50)
Beit Issie Shapiro is a special needs organization furthering the rights, opportunities and services for people with intellectual or physical disabilities.

My sister worked with them on a project as a contractor and told me about their work.

Achieved: In progress…

Previous Goals:

Technical: Restart AdGoals! (priceless)
AdGoals is on a temporary vacation because Google disabled the AdSense service for (the short story: the googlebot found a user-generated page that it didn’t like, and the service was disabled for the whole site before I could take any action).

Since you can’t talk to a real person at Google, and have to appeal to software, getting the lights back on might be a bit tricky. AdGoals will return once this mess is all sorted out, see you soon!

Achieved: February 05, 2013
(Google accepted my second appeal, and AdGoals is back in business. Yay!)

Fundraiser: First Hug ($70)
I was looking for a baby related charity and came up with First Hug. They organize volunteers and equipment and try to comfort abandoned babies, whose parents are unwilling or unable to care for.

These babies are left at hospitals, alone on their first months, and are sometimes handicapped or ill. First Hug sends volunteers to spend time with these babies, and try to provide them with a more suitable environment by bringing toys and other baby stuff.

I haven’t seen the files of First Hug, and I don’t know how much of the money actually reaches the babies. Their website is very general, and no such info can be found there, but the cause is just, and I hope that these are indeed good people. I wish Israeli charities (and Israeli organizations in general) would be more transparent :\

Achieved: December 16 2012
(AdGoals raised $57.46 before the service interruption, and I’ve thrown in the rest of the cash myself)

Fundraiser: Kiva ($50)
Kiva makes microloans for small entrepreneurship ventures in third world countries. Although I generally have a great distaste to the concept of interest (Kiva operates through local agents that charge interest), and dislike the patronizing attitude, I think Kiva is still a good idea.

We all know that it takes money to make money, but many hard-working, motivated and honest people just don’t have any to begin with.

AdGoals will donate the next $50 to Kiva, as a recurring donation (which means that after the money is repaid it is loaned again to someone else).

One of the reasons I choose Kiva, is that it’s ranked high with Charity Navigator. This means (among other things) that most of the donation money is used for the cause and not for inflated administrative expenses.

Achieved: May 10, 2012
(I’ve configured two auto-recurring loans, $25 each on May 11, 2012)

p.s. – If you’re quick, you might get $25 to lend on kiva for free,
if you’ll use this link to register!

p.s.s – This is not an affiliate link and I get nothing if you do this (or if you don’t!).

Vanity: Tactical Light ($233)
There are some things in life that I will never buy for myself, and the Surefire E2D LED Defender flashlight surely is one of them! This insanely expensive aerospace aluminum flashlight can output 200 lumens (that’s a lot), and it comes with an additional click-on tailcap switch, and a 12 pack of 123A Lithium Batteries. It’s like the samurai pen from The Naked Gun: (supposedly) indestructible…

I actually feel kind of guilty for spending the AdGoals cents (and lots of them!) on this vanity item (doing charity fundraising was much more fun!), but hey – this flashlight will probably last me for years to come so it’s probably a better investment than that new iPhone you just bought for the same price!

Achieved: January 18, 2012
(I’ve received it, and it’s awesome! March 1, 2012)

Fundraiser: Kav LaOved ($20)
Kav LaOved (Worker’s Hotline) is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization committed to protecting the rights of disadvantaged workers employed in Israel and by Israelis (that’s a lot of people – trust me).

In a corrupt society, obsessed with exploitation and money-making, Kav LaOved is trying to help the people who work the hardest jobs in the worst conditions and for the lowest pay. Workers of the world, unite!

Achieved: December 29, 2010
($20 donation was sent to Kav LaOved on January 03, 2011)

Reach Payment Threshold ($100)
You may or may not know this, but Google AdSense only transfers actual money once your account reaches a certain threshold (which is currently set to 100 US Dollars). This goal is intended to get me some actual ad revenue (which differs from the current theoretical ad revenue).

Achieved: November 15, 2010
(Google transferred the money on December 23, 2010)